Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3 - Broken Hill

Written by Jocelyn
On the agenda today was a look at an almost Ghost town, Silverton. Silver and lead was discovered here in the early 1800’s before Broken Hill was settled. The population grew, the silver and lead was mined then the population shrank again.

Tyler and Brett followed the heritage walk through town for the entire 12kms while the rest of us took a short cut. We had lunch in a busy little cafe that also contained an impressive collection of antique dolls, old town memorabilia and the best tea pot collection I have seen in real life. Also interesting was the old gaol and school museum.

Again the weather was horrible – cold and windy, the kind of weather that gives you an earache.
We drove back into Broken Hill to re supply and to have a wander through town. I was really looking forward to that as there are some really gorgeous old buildings in town, but unfortunately time got away on us, so Broken Hill remains a place I have to come back to so I can have a really good look.

A highlight for Brett and Tyler was getting a photo with the Interceptor from the Mad Max movies, which were filmed around Broken Hill. We also found out that filming was starting on the next Mad Max movie about 15 kms out of town, so we took a drive out to see if we could see anything.  Unfortunately no Hollywood stars in sight, but plenty of trucks and cars driving fast backwards and forwards creating a lot of dust.

Back at camp that night we had Beef Rogan Josh for dinner cooked by Brett, and another good bottle of red wine.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 2 - Driving to Broken Hill

We didn’t even get out of bed until after 7.30am today. 10 hours sleep we must be on holidays.

It’s funny how often you hear people saying three’s a crowd. We have three girls on this trip aged 9, 10 and 12 and they have proven that three isn’t always a crowd. They have entertained themselves happily, making up games and running around whenever we stopped for a break. So far they have not done much school work but their imaginations have been working overtime creating scenarios for playing. 

280kms of our journey today was along the Silver City Highway between Mildura and Broken Hill. We really noticed the red dirt along here. Just a taste of what is to come the closer we get to Central Australia. The extreme flatness of the landscape here was amazing. Living in Canberra we are surrounded by mountains, but out here its flat as far as the eye can see. Its times like this tat sense of how vast this country is becomes so much stronger.

The fruit fly exclusion zone well and truely surrounds us so we were able to buy some locally grown fruit and veggies to eat while stil in this area. We stopped at a house in Wentworth that had fresh citrus, tomatoes, eggs and other foods. Fresh veggies and omelette for tea – yum!

We arrived in Broken Hill in the early afternoon and set up camp, and despite the cold we managed to sit out and sip a very nice red wine to toast our journey.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

23/8/2010 Lakeview Caravan Park, Broken Hill

Written by Kelly

We spent six and a half hours in the car (I went in Holly's car) It was long and boring. So we had an emu spotting competition. I didn't spot any. We had a break on the side of the road. We found some desert peas, they are really pretty I wish they would grow in Canberra.

We arrived in Broken Hill and got lost while trying to find a campsite, but in the end we stopped at Lakeview Caravan Park. Our site was next to the camp kitchen where there were tables and chairs to write on. I have put a padlock on my lollie jar thing so hungry siblings can't steal any.

After writing in my journal, Holly, Hayley and I made a game that is a mix between handball, soccer, netball, softball, baseball and hockey. I win everytime we play it. While having dinner in the camp kitchen we counted how many cats we saw, there were 12. Dad told us they were feral. I only believed him after I saw them trying to steal food from our cupboards very viciously. I guess that is another reason to have a lock on my lollies.

23/8/2010 Broken Hill

Written by Hayley.

We just arrived at Broken Hill, again we looked for a park. We found a park. It's huge, it has two flip bars, one huge flying fox, and one bit you can jump off. Its also really high.

22/8/2010 Hay

Written by Hayley

We've just gotten to Hay Caravan Park the Big 4, we are going to look for a playground.

later on...

we were just at the playground there was grass everywhere. We did heaps and heaps of cartwheels. I reckon I did the best cartwheels.

Catching up...

Finally we have a few days of internet connection and some time so I will update the blog with the happenings of the last few weeks. There will be a little bit of input from all of our bloggers, so just keep reading :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello from Tennant Creek

Internet access has been sporadic, so most of our updates will probably appear later in out trip when we are at Airlie Beach. We are in Tennant Creek right now, enjoying the mild evening 19 degrees minimum. Everyone is still travelling well and enjoying our trip. We are all looking forward to spending a few days in Lawn Hill National Park in the next few days, and just staying in the one place for a few days.

We have covered a lot of kilometres so far, and taken a lot of photographs, so as time permits there will be more on here to show you what we have been up to.

Until then...